Come to MidCamp and kick off contribution sprints for DrupalCon Seattle

Published on Monday 14, January 2019
MidCamp, the Midwest Drupal Camp, is coming around the corner! March 20th through the 23rd, hundreds of Drupalistas will converge in Chicago for training workshops, contribution sprints, and sessions! This is one of my favorite conferences. The organizers put together so much thought and effort into each detail.

Writing better Drupal code with static analysis using PHPStan

Published on Tuesday 8, January 2019

PHP is a loosely typed interpreted language. That means we cannot compile our scripts and find possible execution errors without doing explicit inspections of our code. It also means we need to rely on conditional type checking or using phpDoc comments to tell other devs or IDE what kind of value to expect. Really there is no way to assess the quality of the code or discover possible bugs without thorough test coverage and regular review.

Two Zero One Nine

Published on Saturday 5, January 2019
2018 was a weird year. It felt like it just zoomed by and nothing eventful happened. In fact, I feel like most people I have talked to this year felt the same exact way. But, then I sat down to my end of year write up and realized that this year was way more packed than I thought.

PhpStorm protected branches feature

Published on Wednesday 12, December 2018

Recently, while working on a little project, I decided to clean up some of the commits on the master branch before pushing it to Packagist. To be lazy, I decided to use PhpStorm's interactive rebase tool instead of the good ole command line.

BUT I COULD NOT! And I started to go mad.

Published on Tuesday 20, November 2018

People often tell each other to have a good day. But, it has become one of those customary things to say without much meaning behind it. Which is a shame, because we really should remind ourselves to have a good day. A few weeks ago my son Aiden left me a note, which I found after dropping him off at school.


Fall has felt like a whirlwind. I caught myself chasing after the eternal pile of work that needed to be done and not recognizing the victories of the day. Instead of letting myself have a good day, I was forcing myself to a negative for the next day. I wasn't having bad days, but I found myself less than chipper. I found myself working at home more than riding my bike to the coworking space downtown, I had stopped running and reading. I didn't fill those gaps with work, I just took moments to sit.

It is funny how a little note can cause you to stop, think, and act. Despite the wintry midwestern weather setting in (~30°F / ~2°C) I have been able to pick up running again and get my reading back on track. Sometimes you just need a reminder to focus on the victories of the day and remember you did all you can do.

Running Drupal's FunctionalJavascript tests on DDEV

Published on Tuesday 16, October 2018

This is part two of a series on running Drupal’s testing suites on DDEV. We left off last time with trying to execute a FunctionalJavscript test and having every test case skipped because no browser emulator was available. In this post, we will run through getting set up to execute Drupal’s FunctionalJavascript tests inside of your DDEV web container.

Running Drupal's PHPUnit test suites on DDEV

Published on Friday 12, October 2018

DDEV is a local development stack built on top of Docker. It gives you all of your environment needs without messy configured on your host machine, without needing to know Docker or configure your own containers. Which is great, and makes life easier. Instead of just using DDEV to develop your site or application locally, why not also run your tests within it?

OK PhpStorm, what methods does my entity have?

Published on Wednesday 10, October 2018

Working in object-oriented programming is great. You can define interfaces which specify a contract that implementers need to fulfill. You can then extend these to define your end requirement and provide the implementation. This also means you can guarantee an object that implements that interface will have a guaranteed set of known methods. In Drupal, all entities implement EntityInterface, this is how we know that an entity can return its identifier, label, language, and other common methods.

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