Published on Thursday 20, September 2018

Goodbye AdSense, hello CodeFund.

For a long time, I have had Google AdSense on my website. It generated enough revenue that I could hit the minimum payout of $100 about once a year, covering my hosting costs. Then, a few months ago, I found CodeFund by Gitcoin. I still have Google Analytics on my website, but as a responsible web property owner, I wanted to reduce the exposure of my visitors to Google's ad network and various profiling and trackers.

Also, CodeFund actually servers better-targeted ads for my readers. AdSense wasn't that great. 

Published on Friday 6, July 2018

Filtering out invalid entity references in Drupal 8

Today I was working on a custom Drupal 8 form where I needed an option to purge existing entities and their references on a parent entity before running an import. It seemed pretty straightforward until I saw "ghost" values persisting on the parent entity's inline entity form. Here's my journey down the rabbit hole to fix broken entity reference values.
Published on Sunday 13, May 2018

Looking back at my first Drupal events and talks

I have been spending the month of May cleaning out my basement office. I have found a treasure trove of old papers and random things bringing up memories and other thoughts. Just like my last blog post on an organization's values and the culture it creates. This time I found two legal pads which had my notes and planning for my first Drupal Meetup talk and first came session.

Published on Wednesday 2, May 2018

Values and culture are what build an organization

Last week I started to clean out my office. It has been the same since I started working from home in the spring of 2014.  I had left a local marketing agency to work for an education software company, called Gaggle. While cleaning I found some items I had kept from my year and a half at the company. That organization's values and my experiences are still vivid in my memory and make an impact still today.

Your organization's values and culture matter. They will create happy and productive employees who build something bigger than themselves. 

Published on Thursday 26, April 2018

Enabling RESTful web service interfaces in Drupal 8

Drupal 8 ships with the RESTful Web Services module which allows you to expose various API endpoints for interacting with your Drupal site. While the community is making a push for the JSON API module, I have found the core' RESTful module to be pretty useful when I have custom endpoints or need to implement Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) endpoints. However, using the module and enabling endpoints is a bit rough. So, let's cover that! Also note, this blog covers the content from the introduction of the Web Services chapter from the Drupal 8 Development Cookbook.