Facebook Album: Caching and Localization

Published on Saturday 27, July 2013
My Facebook Album for WordPress has one major issue: performance. Each time a the plugin is loaded it polls the Facebook API for a response to parse the photos feed. I am going to integrate the caching method WordPress's RSS widgets use for caching Facebook's API response. By default the cache will set to one day, but I will be sure to add a setting that allows adjustment. Secondly I want to localize the plugin since there is such a wide variety of users from different countries. I'm going to start localizing the plugin based off of the demographics analytics of the plugin's page.

Website Troubleshooting Tips

Published on Wednesday 17, July 2013
Web developers have a lot of their plate - not only do we build custom solutions for a specific purpose, but we have to ensure that solution works in every way possible. That means it has to work properly in Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari, and that each user has the same experience regardless operating system, screen resolution, and internet connection. Oh! Then through in the thousands of mobile devices. That makes website troubleshooting a large and difficult task. I'll share a few tips and tricks I've learned to streamline the process.

Drupal Commerce Bulk Product Update

Published on Monday 8, July 2013
Drupal Commerce has the best implementation for handling virtual products sales as if in a real life store, in my opinion. Each product has a product display (or container) which houses each individual product, a variation per se, ( ex: shirt Z size small, shirt Z size medium) which provides better stock management and a streamlined business process if you do have a physical store and virtual store. There's just one major caveat: each product variation has to your product data attached, not the product display. So a t-shirt with 6 sizes is actually 6 products.

Facebook Album 2.0 Released!

Published on Tuesday 25, June 2013
I have just pushed out version 2.0 for the Facebook Album WordPress plugin! Go on and get it, or use your WordPress's plugin updater to get the latest version. Need help?

Facebook Album 2.0 Coming soon!

Published on Tuesday 25, June 2013
I've been hard at work in the labs revamping the Facebook Album plugin for WordPress. Very soon you will be able to use a Facebook application to authenticate with the Facebook API.

Setup Drupal cron through cPanel

Published on Thursday 20, June 2013
Drupal uses a cron to take care of clean up tasks, as well as utilizing certain features. By default Drupal executes its cron run every three hours based on a user visit. This causes the cron to be executed over HTTP. Depending on the generally it can be more efficient to execute your Drupal cron directly through PHP command line on the server side versus HTTP.

Custom WordPress Widget CSS Classes

Published on Tuesday 11, June 2013
One thing that I has always bothered about WordPress widgets is the lack of ability to define custom widget CSS classes for each widget - it is kind of ugly using the stock widget IDs when you have four text widgets. I've been working on a plugin to extend widget functionality to match features found in Drupal's blocks. I just posted a GitHub gist quickly highlighting the WordPress filter hook.
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