dompdf float left using inline-block

Published on Saturday 9, February 2013
dompdf-logoCSS floats are on the list of known limitations of dompdf, an HTML to PDF converter. The latest beta, dompdf Beta 3, adds the beginnings of CSS float support and is turned off by default. Trust me and keep it that way, there is a different solution to dompdf float left using inline-block.

Responsive Images

Published on Tuesday 5, February 2013
Responsive design is all about the ever growing number of mobile devices that individuals can view a website on. Creating a fluid grid system to adapt to these different screen resolutions and widths is a major undertaking. CSS3 and modern browsers have made it easier to migrate away from image heavy websites; however, photos speak a thousand words and clients will want larger header images or photographs.

XAMPP: Fix automatic script installs

Published on Saturday 2, February 2013
I use XAMPP as a local test server on my Mac for testing and debugging. I mean, nothing is more embarrassing than making file changes to a live site and bringing it down. One thing always bothered me, but not to the point of solving it. WordPress, Drupal, and other CMS software provide built in automatic updates or installation - but out of the box it does not work on XAMPP. It's a simple fix, just first hunt down your httpd.conf If you need help finding the httpd.c0nf, take a peak at /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/etc/, and the file is located there.

Improve your SEO: Act like a crawler

Published on Saturday 26, January 2013
A market has exploded for building your online presence, the acronym SEO (Search Engine Optimization  has quickly become a common place term for marketing strategies. Before a business could attract new customers with an enticing ad in a newspaper or magazine - but now consumers are active and searching for services. There are only a handful of people that could put forth the true secret to SEO success, but I don't think Google or Bing would really appreciate them telling secrets. Now, let's learn how to improve your SEO.Gone are the days of meta keywords tagging your website.

Git RPC Failed; result = 22; HTTP 411

Published on Friday 28, December 2012
Apparently by default git has a limit for max upload files. We build our test sites locally, push to git and then deploy to a beta site. That means there can be a bit of data being transferred, especially in a site with PDFs. If you over do it on that buffer in git you'll receive a RPC Failed; result=22; HTTP 411 / fatal: The remote hung up unexpectedly. Change your git config with this line (500MB): git config http.postBuffer 524288000

Ubercart Tax Per Product

Published on Tuesday 18, December 2012
Recently I had to configure a client's Ubercart to tax per product to prevent gift certificates from being taxed at checkout. Ideally I wanted to add a "NOT" rule to my sales tax rate item within Ubercart; but, Drupal only supports "AND" and "OR" operators. Read my run down on my pitfalls and eventual success in setting up Ubercart tax per product. I tried a few Google searches and came up with year old threads that did not provide much of a solution, or the solution was for previous versions of Drupal and Ubercart.

jQuery Accordion FAQ

Published on Monday 17, December 2012
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages stink; they are ugly and it can be hard to simplify them.  The only way I've seen is condensing the page to just as much information the user needs at once, then providing them with what they need.

Drupal Commerce FedEx

Published on Saturday 15, December 2012

We all can love Drupal, and we can just as equally hate it. Often times we find ourself scouring the Internet looking for solutions to our problem, hoping to at least. I just had an interesting time setting up shipping rules for Drupal Commerce and getting it to play nice with the awesome Drupal Commerce FedEx module.

Social Icon Widget

Published on Tuesday 11, December 2012
We all want to show off our social networks on our blog or website, especially our clients. Businesses need to have a profile on all major services in modern markets, and it is not hard recreating this multiple times; but, it can be annoying. Here is some quick and dirty code you can use to make a WordPress widget.  The widget works by inputting the social network URLs, full URLs mind you not just the handle. If the URL is present it will pull an icon from the specified location. In the case of this code it is from a WordPress theme that the widget is part of.
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