fbAlbum 1.0.3

Published on Thursday 6, December 2012
So I just worked on my second WordPress plugin: fbAlbum. My first implementation of fbAlbum allowed you to take a Facebook Page album URL and paste it in a shortcode to display all the images. The new release, 1.0.3, adds a widget feature. Go ahead and check out the plugin page.

Mobile Developer Apps

Published on Thursday 6, December 2012

It's a mobile world, and the same is expected of developers. You cannot always be next to a computer, but you can take steps to help solve a crisis without ruining your day.image

Secure and Harden WordPress

Published on Thursday 29, November 2012
WordPress is a great piece of software supported by a large open source community. It is quick to deploy, easy to configure, and easy to use. When it comes to simple content management, WordPress is the way to go. However, some of us have had the unfortunate event of getting our WordPress site hacked or defaced.

gCal - A Google Calendar

Published on Sunday 25, November 2012
Recently at work I developed a quick and dirty Google Calendar plugin for WordPress called gCal. In all simplicity, it needed to grab the public calendar XML file, parse it, shoot out a list and provide event details in a JavaScript modal popup. It is very basic, with only one view option and few backend settings, but it got the job done. In the last week I worked on the plugin, filling it out some. There is now an administrative panel via your WordPress dashboard.

Optimize your website

Published on Friday 23, November 2012
Watching file sizes and following coding standards are only one simple way to optimize your website. Proper HTML will ensure you page is processed as smoothly as possible, but does not mean a major speed boost. When the dust settles from developing a new website, I turn to Google's PageSpeed for the round up of last minute tweaks.

jsFiddle for your debugging needs

Published on Friday 23, November 2012
We all love JavaScript and what it can do, especially the various frameworks created to make the life of a developer easier. However, with scripting comes debugging, and debugging can take a lot of time. We all have our own ways of going about this process, but a few months ago at an interview I was introduced to jsFiddle.jsFiddle allows you to select your favorite JavaScript framework - or import a link to your own script file - and debug the code.

JCM Solutions

Published on Monday 22, October 2012
Just posting this to push a company my friend and I started - JCM Solutions. JCM Solutions is a computer repair and computer network servicing company. We focus on virus and malware removal, hardware issues, custom PCs, and installing home or business networks. I thought about tackling web design and development jobs with the company, but I want to keep that separate with the hope I can find that dream job of being a company's web developer. So, check out the site, add us on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Help us out!

Custom Form Fields in Joomla

Published on Wednesday 20, June 2012
When I was developing my Joomla! components to make my GRealty suite I needed a few custom fields that were not native to Joomla The process is simple and only requires one new folder and one new file in your component. In your components admin/models/  folder create a new folder called 'fields'. Create a new PHP file, name it however you want your field to be referenced within Joomla.

Simple PHP Calendar Script

Published on Sunday 22, January 2012
Here is a simple PHP calendar script that can be easily customized and designed with CSS.

$time = time();

$numDay = date('d', $time);
$numMonth = date('m', $time);
$strMonth = date('F', $time);
$numYear = date('Y', $time);
$firstDay = mktime(0,0,0,$numMonth,1,$numYear);
$daysInMonth = cal_days_in_month(0, $numMonth, $numYear);
$dayOfWeek = date('w', $firstDay);
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