Published on Saturday 24, January 2015

A recent project of mine has been for the Drupal community. The name speaks for itself - it provides a way for contributors to work on project issues queues through a kanban board. This app has two purposes: visualize the project issue queues in a useful fashion, and provide an experiment that tries to fully utilize APIs.

Drupal Issue Tracker, Chrome App

Published on Thursday 1, January 2015
Yesterday I released a Chrome application to provide a simple method for keeping track of project issues. Take a issue number (the node ID) and add it to the app. It will then utilize's REST APIs and keep track of the issue.

Responsive Media YouTube CSS

Published on Monday 1, December 2014

Make the Media: YouTube module responsive friendly with this tidbit of CSS. This snippet provides a responsive solution but doesn't force it to be full width (it will respect the width set on the elements.)

Programmatically change the "Add to Cart" line item type

Published on Thursday 27, November 2014
Drupal Commerce has a very interesting "Add to Cart" form. The add to cart form is a field formatter for the product reference field (or even entityreference field.) In a general sense, a node has a product reference field using the "Add to Cart" formatter. What makes it more unique is that this form exposes certain fields from the product entities, but also the line item type being used. Specific fields on products can be exposed as attributes, things you pick to make your purchase.

Drupal 7.32 and why you need to upgrade, how to fix it.

Published on Thursday 16, October 2014
This is a bit late on the #drupalgeddon // #drupslsa05 post, but the need to update is just too alarming to go unmentioned. Like this tweet from @outlandishjosh

Facebook Albums 3.0!

Published on Friday 8, August 2014
It's been a long time, but I've decided to work out a new version of Facebook Albums. This will bring it up to speed with any Facebook API changes and WordPress. The plugin hasn't had any real work done since 3.5 came out. The main goal is to provide a better class at handling API interaction and hopefully more functionality.

MySQL Workbench + Vagrant

Published on Thursday 31, July 2014
I've been using Vagrant at work for a few months now - and I got into it specifically for mimicking our production environment. If you don't know about Vagrant, I highly suggest you check it out. I recently purchased an iMac and I'm utilizing Vagrant VMs for all development. That means I have a few select environments and my machine is bogged down with extra services or dependency issues.

Navbar, made awesome

Published on Monday 14, July 2014
I just created Navbar Awesome, my latest project on This module helps take Navbar to a different experience.

Keep Calm and Clear Cache

Published on Thursday 12, June 2014
Drupal is great at a lot of things, one of those being the feeling of your head banging against the wall. Drupal can lead to some headaches when things just do not work right. Troubleshooting and debugging in Drupal doesn't have to be difficult, however. Yet, for some reason, every article I've ever found goes in too deep. I presented this at my user group Drupal 262 as a "back to basics" debugging and troubleshooting. This post will touch on basic troubleshooting, user permissions, and Drupal's cache.
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