XAMPP MySQL Command Line

MySQL command line allows you to manage your database environment through your terminal, or command prompt for Windows. Typically when you set up a web server you would have installed MySQL as its own service and can easily access the MySQL command line via mysql (mysql.exe). However in a development situation you may have used XAMPP which bundles it all together for you and you can't just access the XAMPP MySQL command line through a registered path.

A better responsive sidebar

Sidebar content always gives me a little twinge when it comes to responsive design. Typically a left sidebar will end up stacking directly above the content and a right sidebar directly below. This can be fine, unless your left sidebar has 5 different content areas and now the user has to scroll two screen lengths just to read an article. Or the right sidebar has an important call-to-action you apparent to each visitor, but it resides underneath the content on a mobile device.

Lorem Ipsum meet BLOKK

Lorem Ipsum is a slew of text that is used as filler content to help flush out a design or concept. It comes in handy when developing websites as well. A designer's template concept is built on a static environment created by them. Web developers have to take that concept and turn it into a living piece of art that reacts to dynamic content and a large array of devices. However well you, your designer friend, that person you know who publishes, there are still people who do not understand what Lorem Ipsum is or stands for.

relogo: rel="logo"

There is a new proposed "standard" rumbling around the 'nets on how to provide an up-to-date logo for a brand using the <link> tag.  The goal is to provide outside websites, applications, readers, and whatever else the Internet may bring with an always up to date logo. Think of it as your favicon for browsers, our the apple-touch-icon.  The linked graphic will be a scalable vector logo (SVG). Think about Facebook and Twitter (who aren't listed as supporters.) These two companies have their logos and icons plastered everywhere.

Tips & Tricks: the WordPress Photo Gallery

With WordPress 3.5 came an awesome revamp of the media library that allows users to easily place a photo gallery from new and old images within the media library. The gallery shortcode was introduced and provides quite a few different features, all available from a user interface and not just shortcode attributes. There are a few things missing from the user interface that can let you make the most out of your photo galleries.