MySQL Workbench + Vagrant

Published on Thursday 31, July 2014
I've been using Vagrant at work for a few months now - and I got into it specifically for mimicking our production environment. If you don't know about Vagrant, I highly suggest you check it out. I recently purchased an iMac and I'm utilizing Vagrant VMs for all development. That means I have a few select environments and my machine is bogged down with extra services or dependency issues.

Navbar, made awesome

Published on Monday 14, July 2014
I just created Navbar Awesome, my latest project on This module helps take Navbar to a different experience.

Keep Calm and Clear Cache

Published on Thursday 12, June 2014
Drupal is great at a lot of things, one of those being the feeling of your head banging against the wall. Drupal can lead to some headaches when things just do not work right. Troubleshooting and debugging in Drupal doesn't have to be difficult, however. Yet, for some reason, every article I've ever found goes in too deep. I presented this at my user group Drupal 262 as a "back to basics" debugging and troubleshooting. This post will touch on basic troubleshooting, user permissions, and Drupal's cache.

"Getting Cozy with Drupal Commerce"

Published on Monday 2, June 2014
Getting Cozy with Drupal Commerce cover art. I'm writing a book! Mid May I began work on a book called "Getting Cozy with Drupal Commerce." Commerce is a robust module with a lot of power under the hood, unfortunately many of its features can be confusing or frustrating. Why? Because its architected to be flexible and extensible. My book aims to dive in headfirst to what makes Drupal Commerce tick.

Making Drupal compatible with Internet Explorer's Compatibility Mode

Published on Wednesday 16, April 2014
Internet Explorer is a deadly trap for web developers. In fact a good amount of time is allotted to just ensuring a website's experience is uniform across different versions of the browser. The problem plaguing Internet Explorer is that each version has generally been released alongside a new iteration of the Windows operating system. With this life cycle certain operating systems get left behind (the dreaded era of Windows XP with IE8 is finally, somewhat over.) However! Despite the hopefully death of Internet Explorer 8 developers must worry about compatibility mode.

Changing the Drupal theme based on path

Published on Friday 11, April 2014
When using Drupal we all know there are two themes: default and administrative. By having two different themes site managers have a better user experience by knowing "this is public," and "this is administrative." It also proves beneficial to have specific administration themes due to the kinds of content and forms that a site manager has to interface with. Drupal does provide the option of letting site builders decide if adding or editing a node takes place in the default theme or the administrative theme.

An Open Microsoft: Microsoft to open-source more of .Net

Published on Wednesday 9, April 2014

Ever since Satya Nadella became the new CEO of Microsoft I've been keeping an eye out on the company. I'm not exactly a fan of Microsoft, but maybe he'll be the driving force that can allow the company to compete in the modern market.

Rockin' Responsive Content with Panels Layouts!

Published on Wednesday 19, March 2014
Last week I was down at the amazing Florida Drupal Camp and gave my first Drupal Camp presentation! I've been meaning to do a write up, but life is just too busy right now.

Custom custom Drupal entity view modes (without the bloat!)

Published on Monday 17, March 2014

When it comes to Drupal I love entities. Entity display modes provide simplicity in managing how your content is displayed. I used to be hardcore "Fields only" when it came to using Views and displaying content. Yeah, it gives you more control, but it is a pain in the ass when you have to replicated your field settings multiple times (if you have to.) Wouldn't it be super easy to just say "Hey Views, render this entity!" and BAM it is all there for you.

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