Gettin' Responsive: Using Omega 3 and Omega 4

Published on Sunday 26, January 2014

I gave a presentation last month at Drupal 414 on building responsive websites using the Omega framework, and compared apples to oranges with version 3 and 4.

Sublime Text 2: Drupalized

Published on Saturday 25, January 2014

For quite a long time I used Aptana as my development IDE; but, as time went on I found it quite bloated and extra features I didn't need. So I gave Sublime Text a try since it's all the rage by those who use it. Sublime Text is amazing because it's so simple, yet extendable. At first I was put off by a few things so I figure I'd share my setup and packages to turn Sublime Text into your IDE powerhouse!

Drupal 262: Breaking Down Drupal

Published on Tuesday 17, December 2013

Last Thursday we had our second Drupal 262 user group meeting on "Breaking Down Drupal." The goal of the meeting was to simplify and explain all of the terminology found in Drupal: regions, blocks, menus, nodes, taxonomy, and users. I'm posting a link to the slides that were presented that helped tie everyhing together.

Responsive menus for Drupal just got easier

Published on Sunday 15, December 2013

Earlier today I created a new sandbox module on called "Omega Responsive Menu," and although I have Omega in the title, it should be theme agnostic. The reason I called it Omega Responsive Menu is due to the fact I built it for all the Omega 3 sites I have had to work on.

Migrating WordPress to Drupal

Published on Saturday 30, November 2013

Right now two of the most popular open source content management systems are WordPress and Drupal. WordPress is very simplistic and easy to roll out, which is why there is nearly 80,000,000 websites using WordPress. Then you have Drupal which is a more robust content management system that needs a little bit more love to get things moving.

Facebook Albums 2.0.5

Published on Sunday 10, November 2013

After a few months I decided to give Facebook Albums some love. With 2.0.4 I implemented WordPress's caching mechanism to cache Facebook API responses for better performance. Will it never occurred to me about clearing said cache if the widget or that post updates.

So now if you update your Facebook Album widget, it will clear the cache and reflect your changes (such as image limit.) Ditto goes for posts, anytime a post saves the plugin checks for the shortcode (<3.6.0 compliant ;)) and clears that albums cached output.

Sort Drupal Commerce Shipping Services

Published on Sunday 10, November 2013

If you are using Drupal Commerce and are allowing customer's two or more shipping services you'll notice that the order may not make sense. By default the shipping services are displayed by how they're output in grouping of shipping provider then some other sorting that isn't cost based. There is a hook within Commerce Shipping that allows reordering of all shipping services.


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