Drupal 262: Breaking Down Drupal

Published on Tuesday 17, December 2013

Last Thursday we had our second Drupal 262 user group meeting on "Breaking Down Drupal." The goal of the meeting was to simplify and explain all of the terminology found in Drupal: regions, blocks, menus, nodes, taxonomy, and users. I'm posting a link to the slides that were presented that helped tie everyhing together.

How regions are sections of your website that contain content, created from blocks. Blocks are placed within regions and can be made up of textual content or menus. Menus provide links to your content and develop your site's content flow, guiding users. We explained that nodes are what you could call pages: they provided URL endpoints, but can be customized to provide any kind of content you would like and are dynamic. Then we went over how taxonomy provides attributes to your nodes, similar to categorizing but not limited to. Finally we covered how users are content, relating to Facebook and other social networks.