Drupal Commerce, Deconstructed

Recently I presented at the Drupal 414 user group in Milwaukee on "Drupal Commerce, Deconstructed" to break down what makes Drupal Commerce and better explain some of its inner workings. The goal isn't to blow the minds of advanced users, but to sell it to all on its flexibility and help users understand why certain things are how they are. I've also submitted it as a session to .

Fixing "UpdaterException: Unable to determine the type of the source directory"

I don't use the built in update functionality provided by the Update module for updating code. I like to use it for reminders and push back statistics of modules used for Drupal.org. However, someone people do use it. Sometimes this piece of functionality can fail and throw an interesting message which doesn't seem to have many answers despite the best Google-fu.

Role Provisioner: Drupal 7 role and permission management

If there's one thing we've all grown to encounter in Drupal it has, and probably will always be, configuration management. Drupal 8 is looking to solve a lot of that. However a lot of us don't live in the Drupal 8 world and can't sit and wait for that "magical" day. Features gives us a lot of functionality, but after a certain point Features either breaks down or becomes too cumbersome to manage.

Managing your Drupal platform with Drush

One of the benefits to using Drupal is harnessing the command line tool Drush. If you don’t know about Drush, I advise heading over the the  and also . Drush is powerful because its commands allow you to simplify your workflow - from clearing caches to migrating databases across environments. One of the best features, in my opinion, is the make command. Using Drush you can build Drupal with specific libraries and modules from a makefile. To make it even more awesome you can patch these projects through the makefile.

Introducing Contribkanban.com

A recent project of mine has been ContribKanban.com for the Drupal community. The name speaks for itself - it provides a way for contributors to work on Drupal.org project issues queues through a kanban board. This app has two purposes: visualize the Drupal.org project issue queues in a useful fashion, and provide an experiment that tries to fully utilize Drupal.org APIs.