Drupal Commerce Free Shipping Rule

Free shipping offers are a huge request in Drupal Commerce. Here is how you can use one shipping calculation rule to provide free shipping without making new shipping services or modifying existing ones. Typically tutorials have you create a new "Free shipping" flat rate service that checks if the order is greater than XX and have your other services check if the order is less than XX. That's neat, but sucks if you or your client is just trying to offer a sweet deal for a month.

Responsive Facebook Like Box

We've all been there - create this awesome responsive design for a client's website and then you have to try and slap a Facebook Like Box in there..somehow..without breaking your responsive work. Sucks, doesn't it? But it doesn't have to. Using a little jQuery you can cause the Facebook Like Box to re-render on window load or resize allowing it to become responsive versus hardcoded.

Drupal Commerce and Google AdWords Conversion Tracking

Google AdWords provides a tracking code that allows you to keep track of how well your ads are performing - if someone clicks an ad and ends up at the conversion code, the ad was technically a success. Typically you would use this in e-commerce and track order completions. There is a module to allow full Drupal integration...but that seems like a lot of overhead for merely wanting to monitor customer order completion (note: I did not attempt to use the Google AdWords module.) It seemed much simpler to just create a small module which will add a pane to the checkout form, specifically the "Checkout Complete" page. This pane drops in our Google AdWords conversion code and that's it.

Facebook Album 2.0.4 out now!

Facebook Album 2.0.4 has just been released and fixes quite a few issues, hopefully resolving a lot of the little things that were wrong with the plugin. Missing Thumbnails. There was an issue with smaller images and not having the same number of thumbnails as larger images, which means the plugin was trying to display an imaginary image source. I added a little function that will force the plugin to keep finding the best thumbnail. Thumbnail resolution! I adjusted the values of the thumbnail sizes to bump up one more size to provide better resolution.

Facebook Album: Caching and Localization

My Facebook Album for WordPress has one major issue: performance. Each time a the plugin is loaded it polls the Facebook API for a response to parse the photos feed. I am going to integrate the caching method WordPress's RSS widgets use for caching Facebook's API response. By default the cache will set to one day, but I will be sure to add a setting that allows adjustment.