Commerce Reports 4.x

Late 2013 I became the maintainer of , a module that provides reports on sales, customers, and products. There are two sub modules which integrate to provide tax and stock reports. All of the work for Commerce Reports is on my own time without sponsorship. I feel Drupal Commerce needs a reporting system in order to thrive amongst proprietary alternatives.

Features overview: is a MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS (MEAN) application hosted on It utilizes the API to provide kanban board for project issue queues. This application was my attempt at learning AngularJS and providing a useful tool to the Drupal community. The goal is to provide the community with a simpler way to sprint on projects.

Facebook Album WordPress Plugin

The Facebook Album WordPress plugin allows you to place your organization's Facebook page pictures right into your WordPress site. Product and company branding along with having  online  presence are everything, and simplifying that process makes life much easier. Bring a little bit more of Facebook to your site using this plugin. No extra work is needed, just copy the URL to one of your Facebook Page's albums. Then paste it into the plugin's widget or use the shortcode to place it within a post or page.

Responsive Dropdown Menus

Responsive Dropdown Menus Omega Responsive Menu module is my solution to a big problem with Drupal's main menu implementation: it doesn't render and #*$# sub-links! By default the primary menu in Drupal will not render any sub-links and therefore provide no sub-menus. It also provides a simple implementation of responsive menu styling - on mobile you have a toggle button and the menu slides down or up, and displays normal on tablet plus.