gCal - A Google Calendar

Recently at work I developed a quick and dirty Google Calendar plugin for WordPress called . In all simplicity, it needed to grab the public calendar XML file, parse it, shoot out a list and provide event details in a JavaScript modal popup. It is very basic, with only one view option and few backend settings, but it got the job done. 

Optimize your website

Watching file sizes and following coding standards are only one simple way to optimize your website. Proper HTML will ensure you page is processed as smoothly as possible, but does not mean a major speed boost. When the dust settles from developing a new website, I turn to for the round up of last minute tweaks. PageSpeed alerts you to multiple tips and tricks to help edge off a few milliseconds of your page load - which has become crucial.

Google+ API and Library

.  The Google+ API only allows for read-access to data, but this will still allow you to integrate a visitors social features around Google+.  API calls can either be completed via an API key or an OAuth 2.0 token for user data.The Google+ API follows a typical REST design involving HTTP GET on many API calls and the results are in JSON format.