A Web Developer

I first started web development in middle school. I got to play with Macromedia Dreamweaver and I made a pretty kickass Dragon Ball Z microsite - with a looping tiled gif image, too boot! I got hooked and quickly ditched my dreams of becoming a paleontologist (because what kid didn't want to after Jurassic Park.) I dug into PHP/MySQL because I wanted to make things that did things.

I've toyed around with C#, Ruby, Java, but I call PHP my home. About two years ago I discovered Drupal as a requirement for an online store, and Drupal Commerce seemed like a fit. It was until a year later that I dove in head first and went "full Drupal." Since then I've managed to score commits on about 37 projects, a handful being my own contributions. I also like to try and make workflow simpler.

I created the Drupal Issue Tracking Chrome App as a way to help manage patches or issues of importance for projects. Big boost for project managers, develop sanity. Another bit is ContribKanban.com, a site meant to visualize Drupal.org issue queues in a fancy way. I also toyed with a Vagrant contributor environment made through PuPHPet to allow contributors an easy way to set up environments and get started on reviewing or making patches.

Things I work on