Verify your Drupal site on Pinterest

The module and module help setup site verification and social media integration. However social media is rapidly changing, more often than those submitting patches (or modules getting releases.) Or, hell, you're like me and think it's pointless to add a contrib module for a simple use case (note: I rock Metatag on this site.) One such case is Pinterest site verification.

Making Drupal compatible with Internet Explorer's Compatibility Mode

Internet Explorer is a deadly trap for web developers. In fact a good amount of time is allotted to just ensuring a website's experience is uniform across different versions of the browser. The problem plaguing Internet Explorer is that each version has generally been released alongside a new iteration of the Windows operating system. With this life cycle certain operating systems get left behind (the dreaded era of Windows XP with IE8 is finally, somewhat over.)

Changing the Drupal theme based on path

When using Drupal we all know there are two themes: default and administrative. By having two diferent themes site managers have a better user experience by knowing "this is public," and "this is administrative." It also proves beneficial to have specific administration themes due to the kinds of content and forms that a site manager has to interface with. Drupal does provide the option of letting site builders decide if adding or editing a node takes place in the default theme or the administrative theme. Chances are, at least in all of my cases, you have "Use the administrative theme when editing or creating content" checked. There's just one drawback: what if one specific node (or other entity for that matter) should be edited through the default theme?