Flame Thrower Love

Published on Saturday 14, May 2011
  In 2007 my friends' girlfriend decided to attempt a shot at her own DIY clothing company. I drew this logo up for her.

The Wedding Planner

Published on Saturday 14, May 2011
  When my wife and I were planning our wedding, I fiddled around with starting an online service to help couples organize their invitation lists. A couple would register, add contacts, and be able to mark whether the contact was mailed an invite, had RSVPd, and more.

Cocytus EP

Published on Saturday 14, May 2011
In 2006 my friends formed a Death/Thrash metal band called "Merciless" which I pressed a demo for when I was running my DIY label "NMD Records." After a year they changed the band's name to "Cocytus" and released an almost LP album in 2007. I designed the cover, booklet, and track listing.
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